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Company Profile

  • Production of 300,000 eggs per day
  • 10,000 head of cattle fattening
  • Pullet production facility with a capacity of 180,000

Our company, which started its cattle breeding activities in 1991, started broiler chicken breeding and egg chicken breeding activities in 2008 in addition to our livestock breeding activities in 2006.

We are an integrated poultry and livestock farm with a feed factory that produces its own feed.


Mission & Vision

To contribute to our country's exports by increasing our meat and egg production, which our country needs, as well as meeting local needs. The main goal in our activities  To be at the forefront with our quality and reliability by giving importance to people, nature, development and change.

Our primary goal is to become one of the leading brands in Turkey to create a sustainable food chain by growing without compromising our quality in the way of branding in the Turkish market where we operate and in the countries we export to.

Anadolu Yumurta

Our Quality Policy

To be one of the leading companies in sales and marketing of the sector with our customer-based structuring, which is open to change and development, to deliver the highest quality products to our customers with the best service understanding, and to make the creation of a sustainable environment continuous in order to provide the highest benefit to our producers.

In our facilities where modern production techniques and technologies are used, it is our basic quality policy to provide confidence in customer satisfaction by following technological developments, along with traceability at every stage from the supply of production materials to every stage of production and presentation to the market.

In our production facilities, eggs are collected automatically, without human touch. The air-conditioning machines used in our facilities both protect animal health and ensure that the products produced are presented to the market in hygienic environments.

The raw materials used in production are turned into finished goods in our own factories and shipped to our enterprises.

Anadolu Yumurta